3 Steps to Writing a winning Introduction

Most beginner writers usually make the mistake of underrating the importance of introduction in an academic paper. Some think it should be just a quick overview of the essay or something to grab the attention of readers. That is a very wrong impression because the introduction is a critical part of every academic writing. If you mess it up, your write would probably have no reads. 

What Is an Introduction?

An introduction to an essay is the first paragraph of your work. You have a choice to make it brief or write an insightful overview of your piece. No matter your preference, always remember that your introduction should contain a hook. The following are some critical elements of a good introduction:

  • It should Grab attention 

A reader may choose to continue reading your piece or abandon it due to your introduction. Therefore, your first sentence should contain a hook that grabs the attention of the reader at first glance. Your hook can be a surprising fact, an anecdote, a quote related to the subject, or a thought-provoking question. However, it would be best if you avoid clichés. 

  • Contain a brief overview of its relevance 

Your introduction should present the reasons for and relevance of your paper within the chosen field of study. You should include a brief history of the case and if there is a change in thought. You can quote some past works in the field.

  • Explain how essay fits into its academic context

Aside from giving the background information of your paper, you need also to include its relationship with previous works and how yours is different. What is the new standpoint you are introducing? 

  • A thesis statement  

An introduction should include the critical part, which is the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a brief sentence, which introduces your topic, main argument, or study question. You should also state your position on the subject, and then your defense. 

The Purpose of an Introduction

The three primary purposes of an introduction are to 

  1. Grab reader’s attention

The first paragraph of your essay should entice your readers to want to read more. The impression you create within this paragraph is more of a lifeline to your piece. It determines whether readers will pay attention to your work or not. Therefore, it should be informative and include a hook.

  1. Serves as the background information

You are about to write on a topic in a particular field. The chances that many readers would be green to the area are high. Therefore, in the introduction, you include background information about the topic. It should be very important information about the subject to prepare their minds towards what is ahead. 

  1. Serves as the preamble of your paper 

Most students leave vital information from the introduction so that they can introduce them in the body paragraph. This perception that the body should contain your main points is wrong. Readers need to know what is ahead; hence, you should briefly introduce such positions in the first paragraph.