Goals Of Public Education

Public education, as the name suggests, is the education service provided by the state to the students. This service provided by the state is rather inexpensive or free in order to encourage the knowledge altogether. However, nowadays, even private education has put forth some competition by offering various scholarship programs. Alongside the many advantages, there are several goals of public education. Following are some of the purposes fulfilled by public education:

  1. As stated in the law:
  2. According to various laws introduced in almost all parts of the world, public education is a tool that ensures the fair, equal and significant opportunities being given to every student. These opportunities pertain to getting the minimum standard of academic proficiency. Hence, according to the law, the goal of public education is to provide a chance to the children to get educated.

  3. Preparing students to tackle the world
  4. Apart from the goal mentioned in the law, various scholars have argued it to be imperative to prepare students to tackle the problems in the real world. Every child has to grow up one day and will have to face the harsh environment. The state education system helps these children develop abilities to find the solutions of problems thrown at them by the world ensuring survival against all odds.

  5. Creating an able workforce
  6. A more refined way of stating the goal of public education is to take it in terms of the benefit it provides to the state. Both the individuals and state benefit from public education. The goal, from the state’s point of view, is to ensure a healthy supply of able workforce. Therefore, allowing education to a child is not just a personal accomplishment, but also a very public achievement as well.

  7. Ensuring Equity
  8. There are many goals of public education but one of the most important goals is to provide equal chances to all the students. Private education is usually very expensive and not many people can afford it. As a result, the provision of education is based on the financial ability rather than merit to ensure that no child is left behind when it comes to attaining a decent education. The goal is to provide all the students with necessary teaching irrespective of their financial ability.

The purpose of a government school is to ensure that the minds of the youth are given a refined platform to expand their intellectual capabilities. It is a goal of the public education to put equal weight to the rights of each and every student