Practical Advice On How To Make Essay Writing Easier

Essay writing can be the bane of even the best students. Many students who excel in their exams can also find that exams are their downfalls. Most of the time, the key to paper writing is to employ the correct techniques. In this article, we will discuss these techniques and how to make paper writing easier for you.


This point goes without saying, but you will be surprised how many students compose their work while being distracted, and not being able to give their full concentration to their work. As such, we highly recommend that you put your phone on silent and disconnect your computer or laptop from the Internet when writing. Doing these this will make you more productive and void of any distractions that will trigger you to procrastinate.


Planning and organizing your work will make your life much easier. A plan is essential in the smooth writing of your work. The ideal way to plan is to write down a brief description of the key points you want to make in your paper, and how you will support your key points with the relevant evidence.

We also recommend that you collect the sources you aim to use in your paper during the planning phase. This will make it much easier to write your essay without having to be distracted by finding the sources you need.


Read the criteria of your paper carefully and make sure that you hit the important criteria when you write your paper. Many students do not take the time to read the main objective of their paper.

For example, for some paper you may need to discuss the historical context of the topic you are writing about. If this is not a criterion of your paper, then discussing historical context will garner you zero marks and also take up valuable words from your word count.


You need to keep a keen eye out on any deadlines that are approaching for handing in your drafts. Keep these noted in a diary, or a place where you will constantly see it to remind you of any deadlines. In this way, you can plan your schedule to meet all deadlines on time.

Another thing to keep a keen eye out for is the word count of your paper. Write your essay on a program that tells you how many words you have typed as you type along.

Although paper writing can be a hard task many students struggle with, implementing the practical advice outlined in this article will make your life easier when dealing with academic paper writing.